CVA Action endorses Nikki Haley for president: America wins with Haley’s leadership


Largest grassroots veterans group points to Haley to turn the page on today’s broken politics, revitalize the economy, and honor the sacrifice of our veterans


ARLINGTON, VA – Concerned Veterans for America Action (CVA Action) announced on Tuesday its endorsement of Nikki Haley for president of the United States.

CVA Action is throwing the full weight and scope of its grassroots army behind Haley ahead of the Republican presidential primary debate in Iowa Wednesday night and the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses. CVAA will knock on doors and call on veterans and military families to unite behind Haley’s positive vision to turn the page on today’s broken politics and to move our country forward.

Russ Duerstine, CVA Action Senior Advisor, had this to say about the endorsement:

“Nikki Haley has distinguished herself as a strong and principled leader dedicated to securing the freedom and liberty our nation’s veterans have fought and sacrificed to defend. She has proven herself as a lawmaker, governor, and ambassador to do the right thing for South Carolina and the United States. 
As the spouse of a service member, Haley understands the struggles our nation’s heroes face when they come home after serving their country. That’s why she has always stood for military families and veterans, working to honor our nation’s promise to those who served by removing red tape and empowering veterans to choose when and where they receive their health care.  

A President Haley will also prioritize essential steps that improve America’s ability to sustainably fund a strong national defense, including revitalizing our economy by controlling spending, attacking our mounting debt, driving growth, and unleashing American energy abundance. 

Americans need a leader like Nikki Haley to be their steady voice in a turbulent Washington, someone who brings Americans together instead of pitting them against each other. CVA Action urges voters to vote Haley to represent them as the next president of the United States.” 



CVA Action is dedicated to electing candidates based on their active leadership roles on top policy priorities to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans and all Americans.

Our dedicated team of staff and activists moved the needle in 2020 and 2022, reaching out to more than 1,000,000 voters and having direct conversations with tens of thousands on the issues that matter most to them as veterans. CVAA plans to continue in this model of empowering veterans and their families as active citizens to support the candidates they believe will lead the country they served in the best direction.

For more on CVAA’s strategy in the presidential primaries, view the full memo here.