CVA Action endorses Jen Kiggans for reelection to U.S. Congress: ‘Veterans, military families, Virginians win with Kiggans’ policies’

Largest veterans’ grassroots election group backs Virginia veteran to continue the fight against bad policies in Washington from broken health care system to failing economy  

Richmond, VA – Concerned Veterans for America Action (CVA Action) announced today support for Jen Kiggans’ reelection to U.S. Congress, representing Virginia’s 02 District. 

CVA Action has been involved earlier than ever before in federal and state primaries to elect better candidates who are strong advocates for policies that will improve the lives of veterans, military families and all Americans. 

Ron Aksel, CVA Action Senior Advisor in Virginia, had this to say about the endorsement: 

“Jen Kiggans understands what the biggest barriers facing Americans are – government bureaucracy, unnecessary regulations, and inflation. As a veteran, Kiggans has firsthand experience in how bad bureaucrats can act as barriers to veterans and military families not just thriving, but simply surviving. Kiggans has been a vocal advocate of health care reforms that prioritize patient choice, competition, and affordability. Specifically, she stands firmly for veterans’ health care choice and VA accountability.  

Kiggans has consistently championed policies that prioritize the well-being of her constituents – Virginians and veterans alike. At a time when inflation is at its highest, her tireless efforts to reduce unnecessary regulations and ensure fiscal accountability showcase her commitment to creating an economy that makes prosperity possible for all Americans.   

Jen Kiggans will continue to fight against bad policies and advocate for necessary reforms. CVA Action urges voters to vote for Kiggans to represent them in Washington.” 


CVA Action is dedicated to electing candidates based on their active leadership roles on top policy priorities to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans and all Americans. 

Our dedicated team of staff and activists moved the needle in 2020 and 2022, reaching out to more than 1,000,000 voters and having direct conversations with tens of thousands on the issues that matter most to them as veterans. CVA Action plans to continue in this model of empowering veterans and their families as active citizens to support the candidates they believe will lead the country they served in the best direction.  

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